Sunday, February 22, 2009

Career Planing and other stuff.

So let's deal with the obvious, last week was the first week of the year that I didn't have a post up. I have no good excuse for it. It was family day last weekend. For my American readers, family day is a new public holiday created last year. Basically there were no holidays between Jan 1st and Easter. Since that is almost 4 months the government created a new holiday for February. The wife and i went to the auto show on the day. It was nice. I have wanted to go for the last few years but we never got around to it. I am not really a car guy in that I don't ever really see myself spending tons of money on what I drive but it was still fun to look. Below are some of the cooler car pics.

Career Planing

So i had my meeting with my manager 2 weeks ago. Overall I think it went fairly well. She gave me a pretty positive review. She said that I have a very even temperament. Meaning that I don't let things frustrate me and that I just try to focus on what needs to be accomplished regardless of what obstacles are in my way. The one thing she says I need to improve on is communicating my work load. My habit so far is to kind of just work on what I am assigned and not complain. The problem is that if too many ad-hoc requests come up then other assignments get pushed to the side. What i need to work on is communicating when I am going to have to push other work to the side to work on some request that has come up. Unfortunately, there are issues with in the bank. Although our line of business (online brokerage) is doing okay the business as a whole is not doing so great. There have been a lot of cut backs and they have announced that the annual pay increases are not happening this year. Needless to say no one in our department was pleased to hear that. I have been told that the annual increases were never that much anyway. As long as our year end bonuses are not effected then everything should be okay. We will still get our bonuses as long as we meet our numbers for the year. So we'll see how it goes this year.

Next Week ... CSC

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Nads said...

That white car reminded me of kit from knight aerodynamic...the maybachs were super luxurious but I like the Jeeps...all of them.