Sunday, March 22, 2009

House Hunting

So my wife and i have been going house shopping the last few weeks. It has been fun and stressful at the same time. We have been all over the place with regards to where we want to go. At first my thought was move out to Ajax. Most of my office doesn't live in Toronto. They live outside (Brampton, Ajax, Whitby, Oakville, and Mississauga) and take the go train. Because of that I thought that I might do that too. Then I started to calculate the cost of taking the go train plus the fact that property taxes are higher in Ajax and and i got worried and figured maybe i better stick with Toronto. So on Saturday my wife and I went to look at a few properties in Toronto. The results were very depressing. We went to see 4 houses. They were all unappealing. The first one was the only where it looked like the owners took the the time to stage the house. The rest were pure Shit.

House 2

Going into it I had high hopes for this home. It was the only one in our price range that had a 2 car garage. It was located just south of steeles near McCowan. I have always said that in Scarborough if you are going to live east McCowan you have to live north of Finch. So this was an area I was satisfied in. However, soon after we arrived at the house I quickly became unsatisfied. The house had some of the ugliest pink carpets I have ever seen. The kitchen was also much smaller than it looked in the pictures. It didn't have a dishwasher and there was no room to put one if we wanted to later. However, these are issues I felt i could live with for a while. What I could not live with was upstairs. There was no master ensuite. I want a bathroom in the master bedroom. This is something that I am not willing to compromise on. 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for the entire house is not enough.

House 3

Very Bad!

House 4

Even worse.

Something happened in this house that i will remember for as long as I am alive. We were walking through the upstairs when I peaked in the bathroom. What i saw was a toilet with a load of SHIT floating in PISS. Needless to say I was completely appalled. I mean as a seller if you know you have potential buyers coming to look at your house don't you want to take the time to at least flush the damn toilets and clean the place up a bit.

Anyways after this fiasco we have decided to give Ajax another shot. We have a meeting on Saturday with our Realtor and he is going to show us some homes.

Just for comparison sake see below

And just so you know the houses are approximately the same price. WOW!

Next week ... Issues at work.

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Renee said...

Good luck on the house shopping. Remember that there is such a thing as a starter home and that you can upgrade later when you get more equity. As for three bedrooms one bath it is doable. That is what we have. You can get used to alot in time. Though I will say that if we are able to sell in the next two years we want two bathrooms.