Sunday, March 8, 2009

Software Developers at work

So i have been having some issues with the IT guys at work. I don't write software or even work in IT anymore but I still have a lot of interactions with them. Basically when we put together a program at work I act as the project manager and work with the Business Analyst and the software developers to get the job done. In the past few weeks one of the projects that I have been managing has under gone extreme delays. One of the requirements changed recently (my fault) and the Dev team has said this will add an extra five days to the delivery date. I know that they are padding that. There is no way that this should take five days. Basically we are asking them to add an extra field to the table and exclude certain records. In simple terms this is what i am asking.


SELECT a,b,c
FROM table


SELECT a,b,c,d
FROM table
WHERE a not in (x,y,z)

It is a little more complicated than that but not much. I am very unhappy about this situation. Since I was a developer for a number of years I have some allegiance to them but I don't like that they are padding the estimate this much. I know they are dealing with a lot of red tape down there. I also know that the QA process takes a long time but this is just silly. Part of me just wants to say give me a desk and I'll write the damn thing myself but that would open a can of worms I don't want to get into.

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Nads said...

IT people in big organisations are typically lazy and slow. They are paid well but are not very good. The IT people here are the same way. They take forever to get a simple task done. For example, I have wanted the application express for the oracle server I work with to be upgraded for the past 6 weeks. I am still waiting. This is a simple uninstall and install. It's not rocket science. So why the hell hasn't it been done yet? Every week when I update the ticket and ask for status, I am told that they are going to do it but still nothing. My next update to them will be, please give me superuser access to oracle so I can uninstall and install the application express myself. Sick of them. They act like what they do is so special when I know that all I have to do is google it or read a few pages of a book and know it. In fact I don't even think I need to read a book to know what these lazy fucks know. I think a high school drop out could figure it out! They aint that special!

JAW said...

I remember writing a message queue protocol with a mainframe team of 5 in the late 1990s. I wrote the client app myself and wrote the packetizer in Vantive. The team of 5 took longer to just write a packetizer and hook it into the server app. Everytime there was an issue the mainframe guys asked me what was wrong because they couldn't count columns well. I couldn't believe how slow those guys were.

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I am sure you will like that.