Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cut Backs at work

So there were massive cutbacks at work this week. But I survived and I am still employed. It was a pretty shocking series of events. Basically I came in Tuesday and people started getting fired. I didn't realize what was going on until one of my co-workers came over and told me. I then started to walk around the office and I noticed that more than a few offices were now empty. My boss's boss called a lunch meeting for the team to tell us what was going on. She gave a speech, most of which i can't remember, and basically said that management above her head called for greater cut backs than they were already making. In all 13 people were let go from my floor and 1 person from my direct team. I was on a friendly level with at least 3 of the former employees. It is going to be very weird not having them around the office. This whole situation was just a very eye opening experience for me. In my head I know that large companies have no loyalty and are only concerned with the bottom line. However, this is the first time I have seen it in action. These people have lives and families they have to support and now they are on the unemployment line.

I am going to spend some time in the coming weeks working on fixing up my resume. I think I am relatively safe. The work i do is not really done by anyone else in the company. So there is no redundancy in my job. As a consequence getting rid of me means getting rid of that type of work all together. So I think I have a little bit of security, but then again who the hell knows. Either way I am not worried. I think i have marketable skills and experience that would allow me to find a new job fairly quickly. I was actually contacted by a recruiter early this week for a job that pays 20% more than my current salary. That being said I am not looking to leave my current job just yet. I like where I work and I generally like what I do. But it is nice to know I have options.

Next week ... Putting an offer on a house.

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Renee said...

Unfortunately this is happening on a daily basis. I remember the day two years ago where they let go 300 people where I work. It was so emotional. People were openly crying. Even though I knew I was safe I thought about those people and what it would be like to wake the next day not knowing how they were going to feed their kids. One of my former co-workers (one of the 300) was just recently arrested for shoplifting at Walmart. I felt so sad and embarrassed for him. I fear that we are in for some very rough times ahead. Now you know why I am a labor supporting communist.