Monday, April 27, 2009

My House

So the home inspection was last Friday and everything went well. There were no issues to speak of. The only thing the inspector pointed out was that the house was pretty dirty. The current owners have only been there a year so i guess they knew they were moving and figured why bother cleaning the place. There were no foundation or roof issues. Also he saw no signs of leaks. He did mention that the filter in the furnace was filthy and that we should have our furnace serviced and cleaned. He also said we should have the air ducts cleaned because judging by the current condition of the house it has probably never been done. We hadn't thought of having these services but they are good ideas so we are going to do them. The interior was a little smaller than i remember but that's OK. I think everyone has to start somewhere and I think this is a good place for us to start. If in the future we feel we need bigger then we will get bigger. But for now this will do.

On Saturday we went to see our mortgage broker at the bank. We were initially going to make a larger down payment but she advised against it. We are still paying over the 20% needed to avoid the penalty but we were going to pay 25%. Since it doesn't make any substantial difference in our monthly payments we will stick to the 20%. If we have money left over at the end of the year we will make lump sum payments our increase our monthly. We haven't signed the papers yet she suggests leaving that until closer to the close date (June 26th).

So that's it. and as promised here are the pictures of the house.

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Renee said...

I absolutely love the flooring. Conrats D...Now say MILO