Monday, May 11, 2009


Unfortunately a cousin of mine passed away recently. Even more unfortunate were the circumstances surrounding her death. It has actually attracted some media attention here in the city so if you have access to Toronto news you may have seen it. The news stories are linked below.

You may notice that the family wedding used in some of the pictures is actually my wedding.

Basically what happened is that she went down to Mexico for a vacation and had a very severe asthma attack. The doctors didn't want to let her in to hospitals here in Toronto because of fears of the swine flu. However, as i stated above she did not have swine flu she just had a very severe asthma attack. My understanding is that getting into a hospital here would not have saved her life. Her family just wanted to get her back here so that all of the family could say goodbye. They were eventually able to get her into a hospital in Peterborough. I believe she passed away peacefully within 24 hours of being back in Ontario. My wife and i took last Thursday off and attended her funeral. It was a very sad occasion. Her father and husband were in pretty bad shape understandably. It's hard when someone so young goes. She is actually less than a year older than I am. I can't say that we were extremely close because we were not but she is still my cousin and it still came as a huge shock to me what happened to her.

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Renee said...

I hear you. I thought about her son quite a bit. My children are both older than hers and I know how much they need me I cannot imagine how difficult the days ahead are going to be for her little boy. As terrible as death is, it is always hardest on those left behind. She was a beautiful young woman and it is sad to see a life end so abruptly.