Monday, June 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation

So a few weeks ago I went to see Terminator Salvation (T4). There were a lot of people out there that believe the series should have stopped after the 2nd movie. I am not one of them. I thought T3 was as good as either of the originals. In addition with the casting of Christian Bale as "John Conner" I thought the series had a chance to break new ground because there was finally a protagonist who looked physically like he could be the leader of the world.

Overall I would give the movie a B+. So it was pretty good but not really epic. I would put it below Wolverine and Star trek in terms of other action movies I have seen this summer. The action was decent but I knew where the story was going before it even got there. Also, i felt that the John Conner character took somewhat of a back seat to the "Marcus Wright" character. Which doesn't make much sense to me. They spent 3 movies building up John Conner and spent money to get Christian Bale only to have him take a back seat to a poor mans Arnold. The movie has done okay at the box office but a sequel is not a sure thing. If they do another then I hope to story is more focused and I hope the focus is where it should be.

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PS. Chris if you are reading this, where the hell are you? You haven't had a new blog post up in 3 months! Are you still alive?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Season Finales

This post is long over Due.

Prison Break

This was the series end for this show. I was glad to see it come to an end. It has always had a fairly sill premise but this last season is where the show really jumped the shark. It just made no sense on any level anymore. So I was glad to see it go. The ending itself was good except for the fate of one of the characters. It made very little sense.


This show basically had one good season (The first season). I think it has been coasting on that success ever since. The show picked up a little bit with the last 2 episodes but overall it pretty much stunk. I am too invested to quit now but I am really hoping that things improve drastically.

Battlestar Gallactica

This was the series finale for one of the best sci-fi shows ever. It had tons of action and character moments. There were a few decisions I didn't agree with but overall I think it went out on a high note.


This season has been up and down for me. It was never as bad as last season but it was still not as good as previous years. Needless to say Jack stopped the terrorists and saved the day but that was never really in doubt. I question where they will go from here because the character is aging and should probably not be on the front lines anymore.


What can a say about the best show on TV. This season was damn close to perfect. There was not a single episode that I did not like. This has easily been the best season since the first. There was a new revelation every single episode. I think since the writers know that they only have a certain amount of episodes left to tell the story it has made them much more focused. The show took a stronger step into the realm of sci fi this season by adding time travel. While this is something that I am sure will and probably did turn off some viewers to me it was excellent. The only thing i really want to happen is for Jack to just tell Kate to go to hell so he can move on with his life. But that is a small complaint. I really can't say enough good things about this show this season. I look forward to next year and the conclusion to a really great story.

Next week... Terminator Salvation and Games Night.