Monday, June 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation

So a few weeks ago I went to see Terminator Salvation (T4). There were a lot of people out there that believe the series should have stopped after the 2nd movie. I am not one of them. I thought T3 was as good as either of the originals. In addition with the casting of Christian Bale as "John Conner" I thought the series had a chance to break new ground because there was finally a protagonist who looked physically like he could be the leader of the world.

Overall I would give the movie a B+. So it was pretty good but not really epic. I would put it below Wolverine and Star trek in terms of other action movies I have seen this summer. The action was decent but I knew where the story was going before it even got there. Also, i felt that the John Conner character took somewhat of a back seat to the "Marcus Wright" character. Which doesn't make much sense to me. They spent 3 movies building up John Conner and spent money to get Christian Bale only to have him take a back seat to a poor mans Arnold. The movie has done okay at the box office but a sequel is not a sure thing. If they do another then I hope to story is more focused and I hope the focus is where it should be.

Next Week ... My new house!

PS. Chris if you are reading this, where the hell are you? You haven't had a new blog post up in 3 months! Are you still alive?


--Todd said...

Duane I think you missed your calling as a movie critic. I've stopped listening to the guy on the radio and am now taking your recomendations.

Green Lantern said...

Thanks Todd. As crazy as it sounds I did at one point consider it.

chris said...

haha, things have been a bit crazy but the blog will return soon!

also, I agree with your review. Connor should definitely have been the focus of the movie and I thought the set pieces were not as epic as I thought they should have been