Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall TV

So there are not really that many NEW television shows that look promising this year. Also, some of my favorites are either not returning until January or not coming back at all.

Not Returning:
Battlestar Galactica
Prison Break


So needless to say this fall does not look as promising as some others. However, there are a few new shows and returning shows that I am glad to have back


CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds.

Of these the ones I am most looking forward to are Criminal Minds, Miami and the original Law and Order. If you are not already watching these shows you should. L&O is going into it's 20th season making it tied with Gunsmoke for the longest running drama ever. In my opinon the show is just getting better with age. I miss having Jack Mckoy as a lawyer tearing apart some scum bag on the witness stand but he is proving to be a very good DA and as long as he is on the show I will watch.

Criminal minds is going into it's fifth season. I started watching around season 3 but I am really hooked. It really is must see viewing in our house. How they come up with the cases is beyond me because some of the serial killers they chase are as close to pure evil as humanely possible.

CSI Miami is a show that is just about the most ridiculous 42 minutes on air each week and I love every second of it. I especially love the over the top acting, silly characters and the impossible nature of the cases they solve. The sci-fi nature of the crime lab is also fun. Take a look at the below clip and tell me how it is possible to not love this show.

The only returning Drama i am looking forward to is Smallville. As i have stated numerous times I am a big comic fan and this is really the only comic based show on right now. It is going into it's 9th season which is really unbelievable. I don't think anyone anywhere thought it would last more than 4. The producers are still doing a great job so I am back for another season.

Another returning show that i have a small amount of hope for is HEROES. It has gotten pretty shitty over the last few seasons and I am starting to think it is beyond fixing. I have seen 2 episodes now and I am not impressed. I am hoping it gets better but it probably won't. I will stick with it to then end because I am too invested to give it up.

New Shows

The only new shows i think are worth watching this season are Caprica, V, and Flash Forward. And only Flash forward has started airing. I saw the pilot and I was impressed. This show has been given the title as the "next LOST" however, those are very big shoes to fill. It has me intrigued so I am going to give it a shot. For anyone who doesn't know the show is: "Everyone on Earth blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and sees a glimpse of themselves on the same day, at the same time, in the future."

Couger Town is exactly what the name suggests. I saw the pilot for the same reason people rubber neck in traffic. I wanted to see the carnage of a train wreck. And there was plenty of it. The show is a comedy but with out a laugh track I am unsure which parts are supposed to be funny. There is a scene where her son walks in while she is blowing some guy and the only thing I could think is YUCK! That being said i will give Courtney Cox credit. she is 45 playing a 40 year old but looks young enough to pass for mid 30's in my opinion. I don't see this show making it a full season.

That's it for this week...
Next week ... A taste of Ajax and a dinner party.


chris said...

No love for Dexter or Californication?

Renee said...

of course not he is too caught up in CSI Miami LOL