Monday, January 25, 2010


So unless you have been living in a cave in the Arctic for the past few weeks you have probably heard of a little film called Avatar. It is by Canadian director James Cameron. As of this writing it has made over 553 million in the domestic box office alone. That is good enough for second all time. First all time is Titanic which was also directed by Cameron. Since he now has the two highest grossing movies of all time he should pretty much be able to ask the studios for whatever the hell he wants to from now on. Some estimates have this movie costing in access of 250 million to make.

The Story
The story basically is Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, and Last Samurai rolled into one with a sci-fi/environmental twist. In other words nothing all that original.

The visuals

This is what sets this movie apart. There were no really big name actors (Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz) in this movie so, most of the budget shows up on screen. Three years ago I said that transforms was the most amazing special effects movie I have ever scene. Will there is a new king and its name is Avatar. When you are watching this movie it is important to remember how little of it is actually real. Simply put it is amazing what they have achieved.

Do i recommend it?

Ultimately I don't know if i would recommend this movie for everyone. It is a little long and the story is not that original in my book. However, if you are a person who likes pop culture then you simply have to see this as it is the movie event of the last decade.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vacation in St Lucia

So over the new years I went to St Lucia. This was my second trip there as my wife's family lives there. In addition this was actually my first time spending new years eve outside of Canada.It was a little weird to not be cold in January, The concept of being on the beach in what should be the middle of winter took me a while to mentally digest.

We did some tourist type things. We went on an aerial tour of the rain forest. It was really nice. There is almost no wild life in the rain Forrest outside of some birds. However, the plant life was extraordinary. Some of the trees were so huge they look like they came straight out of Jurassic Park or Avatar.

Her family also took us on a driving tour of the island. St Lucia is a very beautiful place. It only has one major issue. The problem is the hills. The island is simply too mountainous. Anywhere you go requires driving on some poorly maintained very winding roads. Honestly there are times when we were going around corners and I truly felt afraid. I could never drive there. But other than that it was a good trip.

Next Week... Avatar

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years

Well it's 2010 and it's been about a month and a half since my last post. This year has been a real mixed bag for me but overall fairly successful. I will start with the obvious, I bought my first home in 2009. It pretty much dominated my year to the point where I didn't feel like i had the energy to do some other things i wanted to do. Buying a home is a hell of a lot of work. We first started looking in early march and since then my home has dominated my thoughts almost all of the time. Whether it was searching for a home or renovating the home once we actually took possession it seemed like there was/is always something to do. I would like to think that at this point.

One of my goals last year was educational. I wanted to complete the CSC and the PMI. I completed neither. I have at least started work on the CSC. I passed the volume 1 exam about 3 weeks ago. My hope is to take the volume 2 exam in march. I have changed my mind some what on the PMI certification. As of now I am leaning towards pursuing an MBA. This is a huge undertaking if I decide to go that route. As of now my main choice for the MBA would be Ryerson. The main reason for that is location and cost. I know that U of T or York are the more respected institutions but neither would really work that well for me. York is about an hour away from my home so doing it there on a part time basis would be very difficult. U of T has a downtown location but the total cost would be in the 70k range. Converserly I can walk to Ryerson from my office and the total tutition is about 15k. That is a huge difference. I could afford to do it without taking out a loan and still finish in 2-3 years. I am also going to look into having my company pay for it. Although i know i guy who is doing that and I think that they will only pay for an MBA from Dalhousie University and on a part time basis it might take 5+ years which is more than i would be interested in.

Another goal for last year was to keep blogging. I only did 29 posts in 2009 which is a huge drop for me. This year i have to get that number back up in the 40s at least. I think with the home renovations cooling off i will have time to do this.

That's it for this week.

Next week... vacation in St Lucia.