Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vacation in St Lucia

So over the new years I went to St Lucia. This was my second trip there as my wife's family lives there. In addition this was actually my first time spending new years eve outside of Canada.It was a little weird to not be cold in January, The concept of being on the beach in what should be the middle of winter took me a while to mentally digest.

We did some tourist type things. We went on an aerial tour of the rain forest. It was really nice. There is almost no wild life in the rain Forrest outside of some birds. However, the plant life was extraordinary. Some of the trees were so huge they look like they came straight out of Jurassic Park or Avatar.

Her family also took us on a driving tour of the island. St Lucia is a very beautiful place. It only has one major issue. The problem is the hills. The island is simply too mountainous. Anywhere you go requires driving on some poorly maintained very winding roads. Honestly there are times when we were going around corners and I truly felt afraid. I could never drive there. But other than that it was a good trip.

Next Week... Avatar

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Renee said...

Glad to here had a good trip. Call soon.