Monday, February 1, 2010


It seems like there are always new expenses that come with home ownership. I know that this is the second post where i have complained about this but I can't help it. Two weeks ago we noticed that the drain in the sink of our master bathroom was draining very slowly. So we did the normal drano thing and it didn't help, also the faucet was leaking. So we called in a plumber. And 15 minutes and close to $300 dollars later we have a working bathroom. The guy was in our house for at most a total of 30 minutes.

Yesterday i was shaving with my electric shaver and all of a sudden it stopped working. Since i bought the shaver less than a month ago it seemed unlikely to die that fast. I soon realized the problem was actually with the electrical socket. I went and flipped the breakers but nothing happened. So now I am going to have to bring and electrician in here to fix that also.

What i want is to go 2 straight months where i don't have to fix anything in this place.


Michael said...

You think home ownership is expensive, just wait until you all add a child into the mix of bills.

Renee said...

Wait the children will create bills for you. Remember your darling nephew blocked up my toilet not to long ago flushing things down there that didn't belong and four hundred dollars later we have a working toilet.