Monday, February 8, 2010


So two weeks ago was the season premiere of LOST. We are going into the last season now and they have to start answering some questions. I wanted to let two weeks go by before i wrote this post. The reason for that is that I hoped that by now i would have a better understanding of what the hell is going on. Unfortunately i do not. It seems like they have split realities or an alternate universe type thing going on. I love science fiction in general but this is not really something i wanted from this show. They have 16 episodes left. That is only 16 hours of television left to wrap up what is one of the most complicated show in tv history. I hope they can do it. However, fpr the first time i am starting to have my doubts.


--Todd said...

Don't panic, if they do this right then everything will be answered in a series of OHHHhhhhhhhhh..... moments (that won't involve aliens or magic or a variety of other crappy devices that people use when they don't have a good enough imagination) right befor it ends.

Renee said...

I for one am confused. How many times did they kill Juliet? Really this time and alternate reality trip has me confused.