Sunday, March 21, 2010


So in the interests of staying up to date on all things pop culture I recently borrowed the first Twilight movie from the library. I have never really been big on vampires. Especially since they have been turned into these ridiculous sex symbols. Someday someone will have to explain to me what is so sexy about being killed by having all the blood in your body drained through your neck. I like my vampires to be real villains, in others words I think the movie Blade got it right.

None the less, i decided to give twilight a chance. To be blunt, i think it's pretty silly stuff and i don't see what the big deal is. I am not going to say it's the worst movie i have ever seen (That title still belongs to "The never ending story"). But i don't see why it has caught on in the way that it did. The teen angst is at a boiling point for the whole movie. I have been out of my teens for a while now and in a few weeks my 20's will be coming to an end so maybe I am just to old to "get it". I just don't see why the main characters fell in love so quickly. It's like they met and 2 seconds later the were saying they could not live with out one an another. And the guy who is supposed to be a heart throb? Like what the fuck? There is no way to say this without sounding sexist be he is a pussy period.

Overall, i will still watch the equals when I can get them from the library but that's as far as it goes. Reading the books is out of the question. I am hoping that they get better but i have little hope.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I have had a beard on some level since my early twenties. Whether it be a full beard or just your standard issue goatee. However, a disturbing thing has happened over the last few years. I have noticed more and more grey hairs making their way into my beard. It is a strange thing as I have relatively few grey hairs on my head. I was complaining to my wife about this and she suggested that i just shave it off. When she first suggested it I was totally against it. I have had facial hair for over a decade now and the thought of being completely clean didn't sit well.

In my mid-late teens I used to shave my head about once per week. When I got a job at the Bay working part time i figured that customers would not want to buy shoes from a high school kid. So i grew out my hair a little bit and started maintaining a beard with the goal being to look a little older. Now that I AM older, the concept of looking older is pretty low on my list of priorities.

Anyways the point of all this is that I decided to shave my beard. Outside of 2 days worth of stubble i am now clean shaven. To be honest their are time when I almost don't recognize myself in the mirror. But I will get used to it eventually. My mother inlaw thinks it made me look 10 years younger. It will be interesting to see if anyone at work notices the change.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Linked In

So i joined the networking site linkedIn about 2 years ago. For those who don't know this site is basically the business equivalent to facebook. The main purposes of the site is to create connections with people you have worked with. The goal I think is that when a recruiter does a search a list of names will show up. If the name of someone you worked with shows up in the search then the recruiter might also see your name in your friends network. It's a pretty good system I think. In that past few months I have actually been contacted by several recruiters about various positions. I am not ready to leave my current job just yet but it is good to know I have options. This time next year i will most likely be ready to look around and this is certainly something I intend to keep track of.